Favorite Books- Kisses from Katie, Bread & Wine, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years!

Favorite TV Show- Friday Night Lights, How I Met Your Mother, & Parenthood

Favorite Song- Ocean by Hillsong United


I love kids, the beach, Africa, adoption, & country music. I love to sing (although I have no voice) and dance and you can normally catch me doing both of these in the car. I grew up in Virginia Beach where despite my albino skin, I love the beach. I am the oldest of three brothers- one of which you can find in in the Zone. I grew up in a Christian family that taught me the importance of real genuine faith. I learned that a walk with the Lord does not mean it will be an easy adventure, but I learned that He is always with you. My parents opened up our home to foster children during my middle and high school years.

My home life led me to want to make a difference in the lives of children. JMU had a great social work program so I followed my passion of helping others. Little did I know that JMU would be more than just a good social work program, it became a place where I learned the value of a community. It was also a place where I stirred up more of my passions: adoption, kids, families, and people in crisis.

After college, I moved to Richmond to work as a pregnancy counselor. For the last four years, I have counseled families facing unplanned pregnancies. I walked with them through the crisis they faced. I even had the pleasure of helping women make adoption plans for their children and fostering open relationships with the adoptive family.

I cannot actually remember how I came to HOPE, but I immediately fell in love with the people. I started volunteering in the Zone after a few months and knew I was where God wanted me. Throughout my life I have always been around children and have loved partnering with parents whether that was in Young Life or my job or at VBS or other children’s ministries.

I love watching a child experience the honest and true love story that has been written for us in the Bible. I am thrilled to get to foster their love for their Savior, the Bible, and the Church or a community of believers around them.

If you were to grab coffee with me, you should ask me about my crazy Africa trip, my love for birth mothers, and why I think a pair of heels can change the world.