Offering experiences, relationships and places where people can find life and purpose through Jesus Christ.

From the beginning, Hope has been trying to help people who don’t know God, have every opportunity to do so. It’s part of our DNA. Since we believe a church is people and not a building, this means our mission can happen every day and all over the place – as Hope people go to work or school, and spend time with family, friends and colleagues. This means that we could offer experiences anywhere we find ourselves – a ball game, an evening out for dinner with a friend, a neighborhood cookout – you get the picture. It means that many places can become places where we seek to help people find life, God-life, the real thing. And we know that this often happens though sincere relationships and friendships.

When someone begins a relationship with Jesus Christ, life becomes an adventure of purpose. “Who am I?” and, “What am I to do?” are two questions that live in the hearts of millions around us. This idea of purpose is connected to the idea of maturing as a follower of Jesus. As we grow in our relationship with Him, we begin to take servanthood seriously. We begin to look at life as a gift rather than a right, and we wish to thank God with our living. In summarizing, we encourage everyone at Hope to think about how we offer experiences, relationships and places…


We’re intentional about considering what a person might experience when they are at a gathering or worship service with Hope. How they are treated is important because it indicates whether a person is valued. Organizations and churches give pretty clear messages about a person’s value. Think about the last time you called customer “service” and sat on hold for 15 minutes!


The way we relate to people says so much about whether we want them to come in or not. We have a choice to move toward people and engage them with warmth and acceptance. Relating this way reflects how God feels about them, and has a great deal to do with whether they will be open to the message of Hope.


We try our best to offer places where people can experience the love of God with minimal obstacles. This may be at Hope Church, or it may be you and a friend at your kitchen table. That would be a great example of a place where Hope might do some of its best ministry!