Care & Support

Life can present difficult challenges, and we were never meant to face those in isolation. HOPE encourages people to become a part of a small group where people are doing life together. People in small groups provide friendship and encouragement to each other as they continue growing in their life with God. Our desire for care at Hope is to offer relationships and places that point people toward healthy next steps for hope and healing in Christ.

In addition to small groups, we offer other opportunities for care and support, including

If you are facing a difficult time and need specific support, please discuss with your small group leader or contact our Care Team at We provide support and encouragement to help you with your spiritual questions, your practical needs and to connect you with the right opportunities for growth and healing. In addition to a relationship with our deacon team, some of our other ministries include:

Meals for Hope

Meals for Hope exists specifically to provide care to the Hope community in times of need. We are looking for new volunteers to be part of our email roster. Volunteers will receive an email with instructions on how to log in and sign up for meals on a website called The webpage allows you to pick the day on the schedule that suits you. Contact our Meals team at to request help for a new mom or person in need or to join the team!


If you have a prayer need or praise to share, you can email to or call the church office. Our prayer team diligently prays for all requests