A New Year, A New Day

A new year is here. The calendar is calling us to lose weight, start fresh, vow to stop procrastinating or recommit to our relationships. But in truth, January 1 is simply just another day. Each and every day, the sun comes up, the world still turns and we have another opportunity to live into the person God intended us to be. And if we don’t quite make it today, God gives us another. And another. And another.   Every day…

Hope Student Ministry for the Week: 3.27.14

In this issues of Hope Student Ministry for the Week: ATTENTION!  HSM will NOT be meeting THIS Sunday, March 30th. A note from Cody Buchan::
  • Thanks for the love and support as he transitions into new role of Director of World Impact.
  • KJ Julian, a Praxis Resident in student ministry, to be interim Director of Middle School Ministry through August 31st.
  • Sunday, April 6th, Middle School will be having a pizza party to celebrate Cody's new transition and also to welcome KJ into his new role.  High school will be having a normal meeting on the 6th at 7:15 pm.
  • Next Service Saturday:  May 3rd.
  • Retreat fro rising juniors, seniors, and rising college freshmen on May 24-25th.
  • Registration for Summer camps will begin soon.
  • High School Camp:  Student Life - Myrtle Beach, SC June 16-20th 2014.
  • Middle School Camp:  Son Servants - Chattanooga, TN July 7-11, 2014.
  • Summer Mission Trip to Hato Mayor, Dominican Republic July 18-25, 2014 (now closed to applicants).
To to receive these updates via email, contact students@nullhopecentral.com to get on the distribution list.
For more details or to download this week's issue, Click Here:  Hope Student Ministry for the Week 3.27.14

Un/Defined Teaching Now Available.

We’ve made available the audio recording of the teaching sessions at the Un/Defined Gathering: Un:Defined Session 1: Dreams. What if God’s story for me is entirely different than mine? Un:Defined Session 2: Enough. Is God Enough? Un:Defined Session 3: Beyond. What if He’s even more?