Movies I Enjoy-
The Bucket List

Favorite Books-
The Best Loved Doll (children’s book)

Favorite TV Show-

For Fun I Enjoy-
RV-ing, taking a drive to new places

I was raised in a Christian family and have seen God’s faithfulness in many ways. My father was a minister in a non-denominational church. He and my mother raised us in an environment that stressed God’s provision in every situation, whether physical need or spiritual. My parents’ deep trust in God has been an example and testament and I am thankful for the foundation on which we were raised.

I joined the Hope staff in December 2002. Since coming to Hope, my husband, Joe, and I have found that Hope offers a fresh experience with our journey of faith. We have been blessed with friendships that encourage us and challenge us to dig deeper. We have found rich and applicable teaching and have learned a lot, as well as had questions.

In my role of administrative support for the Hope office, I have had the pleasure of meeting many people and am excited to see the growth since the fall of 2008.  Since my youth, I learned to appreciate that there is something unique in each of us that God sees and smiles about. We are each a unique mix of strengths and weaknesses, and God loves every one of us! I try to approach new situations and relationships with this perspective.  Instead of focusing on my own insecurities, I realize that we all have insecurities. So, starting from the point of God loving each of us, I find that each new person I meet can be another window into God’s creation. I am thankful for God’s grace and forgiveness in my life and try to be mindful of offering that grace to others throughout my day.