Believer’s baptism is for a person who has a new relationship with Jesus Christ. This person has received Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of their life and thus baptism marks this new relationship as God has cleansed us from sin and given us new life. See John 3:3-8 and John 5:24. In contrast to infant baptism, believer’s baptism is not premised on the faith of one’s parents, but on one’s own personal faith in Christ. You may find this short excerpt helpful: What is Baptism.

Any adults and children who have a new faith in Jesus Christ are welcome to be baptized.  However, waiting until a child is old enough to understand and verbally express his or her own faith is important.  Typically, we see this beginning in the older elementary years.  Believer’s baptisms are done by immersion in a swimming pool and this celebration is typically held at the home of a Hope family. Immersion baptism further signifies a person who has died to self (lowered into the water) and who is raised in new life with Jesus (raised out of the water).  At Hope we talk a lot about “story” and “journey” as a way of letting us know your story and your journey with faith. We recognize that this is a meaningful and significant marker in each person’s journey and look forward to sharing this with you.

We offer believers baptisms in the summer and will post sign-ups in the spring of 2018.  

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Baptism is about promises. Infant baptism is about promises parents make to their child that they will be faithful to the child, love him, and seek to model and teach the Christian life for him. In making such promises, it is important to remember that a parent can’t teach living faith to their children unless they have a living faith themselves. Baptism is not done for superficial reasons “just as the thing to do” and requires that both parents have faith in Christ. If a parent has doubts about the true nature of their own faith, they should talk to a pastor. When baptizing a child, parents are first asked to recommit to their marriage covenant. Faithfulness in marriage is a crucial matter for parents which manifests God’s character of faithfulness to a child and provides the security and foundation for growing healthy children.

It is our practice to offer this sacrament to children if at least one of their parents is an active member of Hope. To learn more about infant baptism, please read over this PDF which has important information for parents.

“I would like to have my child baptized . . .”

1.  Attend a pre-baptism orientation meeting

2.  Request a baptism date.